Sunday, September 30, 2007


For the Complete Article, go to: WIFE 'BEATS' HUBBY A wife who is charged with wounding her husband wept bitterly in court yesterday and had to be consoled by her loving partner who, amid the laughter of some persons present declared, "Mi still love har, yuh Honour." The court learned that the petite wife had a dispute with her burly husband in early June, during which a knife was used to inflict a wound to the man's forehead, which required eight stitches. The wife was subsequently charged by the police with unlawful wounding, but was later bailed at the station. When the case was called up, a defence attorney representing the wife, told the court that there was a history of disagreements in the family and that on the day in question, it was while the wife was trying to get back in the house, after been forced out, that the knife accidentally caught the husband. She, then asked the court to dismiss the case. However, R.M. Lorna Errar Gayle would have none of it and remarked, "If it was a male who had done this to a female, I would not have thrown out the case. So there needs to be some balance in the administration of justice." The R.M. later mentioned that she would enlist the services of the probation department to counsel both parties after getting an admission from the male that on about seven occasions during the five-year marriage, he had been beaten by his wife. All this time the woman kept crying in the dock. The case will again be mentioned in late July.

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