Saturday, March 13, 2010

Men also can be victims of spousal abuse

Men also can be victims of spousal abuse 6:28 PM Friday, February 26, 2010

Recently, my wife and I attended a fundraiser for Artemis, an advocate organization for abused women. My dinner partner was a staff member of Artemis and I asked her if there is a local or national organization that is an advocate for men who are abused by their wives. She informed me that Artemis also assists men who are physically abused by their wives, although the number is much smaller.

I asked the question because I know of a husband who was physically abused repeatedly by his wife in a way that equals spouse abuse. Even more sadly, she alienated their two children against him.

Artemis should make it better known to the public that their organization is available to assist men, as well as women, in domestic violence situations.

Assisting male victims of domestic abuse is more daunting because of the “macho” persona so many men practice.

I challenge the board of Artemis to place this item on their next agenda. Spousal abuse knows no gender — children suffer the same regardless of which parent is violent and the pain of isolation from a parent can be damaging for a lifetime.

Kenneth J. Kuntz


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