Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Independent Film to be Produced on Controversial Subject of Female on Male Domestic Abuse

Excerpted from the Indiegogo Website:

...Ram Goetz, wanted to shed light on a dark subject matter happening all too often in today’s world. Ram then turned to Nic Collins, a director who truly understands love and relationships, to help tell this untold story. "Blame” is a full-length feature independent film that delves into the world of abusive relationships. 

The plot follows a bodybuilder, Robert, and his girlfriend, Kerri, as they clash and spar at every opportunity. It takes a controversial path less traveled, by portraying a female mentally and emotionally abusing a male.

As impeccable as Robert is when it comes to his physic and demeanor, his will becomes imprisoned and crippled when dealing with his passionate, tempered, and controlling lover, Kerri.

"Blame" will be filmed in January of 2013 for 25 days within the Chicago area. The production budget is $10,000....If the money is funded it will go towards insurance, food for the crew, transportation of crew/equipment, and locations. We have every intention to make this film. We need your help to do so....

If you can't contribute, don't worry! There are so many ways you can help spread this film and this message. Just by sending this link to family and friends, or even posting it on your Facebook will help spread the word of our film and our message.
Please also visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to help spread the film across your FB and Twitter.!/BLAMEfilm


  1. Sounds like an interesting video. I am glad that finally someone is looking at the other side of domestic assaults and showing it to the world.

  2. I don't support any form of domestic assaults. I believe that the act is an abomination, and should be stopped.

  3. What a great thought you shared with us about Female on Male Domestic Abuse i like your article thanks for sharing...