Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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How Far is Too Far in Our Pursuit to End Domestic Violence?

Recently, Britain's Supreme Court ruled that yelling at your intimate partner could be considered domestic violence. In a UK case appealed to a higher court a panel of five judges, lead by Lady Brenda Hale, found that the lower court got it wrong when they ruled against Mihret Yemshaw. Yemshaw's case was sent back to the lower court for reconsideration.
Yemshaw's case stems from the fact that she was turned down for free housing afforded to victims of domestic violence because her husband never hit her or threatened any physical violence against her; he just yelled at her and wouldn't give her money. Yelling and withholding money from your spouse is not right of course and hubbie should probably find himself a good anger management course but surely being yelled at shouldn't entitle someone to free housing.

This landmark ruling in the UK could lead to some pretty serious changes in domestic violence laws in the future. If yelling at your partner is considered domestic violence what next?
Could being charged with assault for throwing a ham sandwich be far off? If so just make sure that your dog doesn't eat the evidence.

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