Friday, November 19, 2010

Give Under Served Victims of Domestic Violence a Lifeline

We are in the Pepsi Refresh Project challenge for the month of November. Please Vote for our Project to win by going to the Pepsi site, signing up and voting daily. Thank You!

Our Project:


  • To raise awareness about the 834,000 male victims of dv annually
  • To educate and empower victims and others with our publications
  • To offer concrete help and support to male victims


The "Men are victims too" project has been in development over the last ten years of listening to and supporting tens of thousands of men in relationships with abusive partners. Research has shown that little information, outreach or supportive services exist for men (and their children) who want to remove themselves from the violence. Yet studies indicate men make up at least 25% of the reported cases of domestic abuse each year. Additionally, abuse against men is highly under reported due to the stigma associated with being a male victim.

We have informational booklets, brochures, and posters for and about male victims that we will make available to those who worked most closely with victims; Emergncy Room personnel and police departments. These materials will be invaluable tools for victims and beneficial to those in a position to assist them. This funding will be used to increase public knowledge of male victims and enhance our ability to offer victims services.

How will the 50K be Used?

Budget Notes: The budget will not cover the cost of printing and mailing add'l materials requested from the original mailings, a social media relations professional donating 100 hrs of his time to help us promote our message on the internet or a Google grant that allows us up to 10K in free advertising a month.
$ 25,000 Printing of approx. 30,000 posters, booklets, & brochures
$ 5,000 Purchase of 2500 large envelopes and postage
$ 2,500 Stipends for volunteers
$ 16,000 Funds for victim services- more public awareness=more helpline callers
$ 1,500 expenses

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