Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Precious Love: An Angel for the Abused


A recent study stated that there were 79,874 reported cases of domestic violence in the United States in 2009, up over 7,000 cases from the previous year, and up 13,000 cases from 2007. The profile of a victim of domestic violence—traditionally thought of as a younger female—is rapidly changing.

In a surprising trend, as many as 40% of domestic violence cases may involve violence by women against men. Abuse of the elderly by caregivers is on the rise, as is abuse against children.

A victim of domestic violence and abuse can look like anyone, and be anywhere… even right next door to you. One woman has made it her personal mission to tackle domestic violence wherever she may find it, and provide a hand of help to victims seeking a way out. click here to read more of the story

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