Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why haven’t we heard more about battered men?

Few people realize that women abuse men, why is that? According to Betsy Lucal[1] in order to bring attention to a social problem a number of factors must come together. There must be a social movement, professional and mass media attention and appropriate gender images. The movement that defined domestic violence was encompassed within the feminist movement. This movement in the 70s helped to establish wife beating as a social problem. Images of wives beaten and fleeing their homes helped us to comprehend violence against women by men. Although the men’s movement worked to make husband beating a social problem they were unable to produce the same attention and empathy. Read the rest of this article on the WE tv blog site Be sure to catch: Husband Beaters Tuesday, December 22 at 3am | 2c On WE tv In America, the term "Domestic Abuse" is typically associated with a victimized woman mercilessly beaten by an overbearing ogre of a husband. The fact is however, that more than a third of all DA cases feature males as victims, and even that number is considered low due to the relatively low reporting of these cases by men who are ashamed and afraid to do so. The stories in SLOW: Husband Beaters will provide an inside look at Domestic Abuse done to men from a variety of perspectives and shed light on a very dark and violent corner of America. Watch the Videos >>

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