Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Same-sex relationships face domestic violence too

A recent article in the Natchez Democrat newspaper out of Mississippi discusses the fact that lesbians and gay men face domestic violence in their relationships just as heterosexuals do. Experts believe that the problem may be even more common in same-sex relationships. Domestic violence in same-sex relationships has many similarities to heterosexual violent relationships; the abuse can be physical, sexual and/or emotional and the purpose of the violence is for the abusive partner to have power and control over their partner. However, important differences exist between heterosexual and homosexual violent relationships. One key difference is that gays and lesbians have more difficulty finding appropriate support and services to help them to leave an abusive relationship. Some gays and lesbians may not be "out" about their sexual preferences to family, employers and others which makes seeking support extremely difficult for those individuals. Additionally, stereotypes and bigotry against homosexuals still do persist so many are reluctant to acknowledge social problems such as domestic violence within their community. Information and special services for gays and lesbians in violent relationships are becoming more abundant. To find out what services are available in your area go to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Program's website: To read the entire article go to:

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