Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Petition to gauge the public's views on domestic violence victim's services

I have noticed over the last two years that the subject of female on male perpetrated domestic violence appears to be "less vehemently opposed" and has become more "accepted as self evident" by society. For this reason I thought it was time to formally gauge the public's views on services for victims. To sign the petition click here Here is the wording from the petition: For decades domestic abuse has been looked upon as a social problem of violence against women by men. Battered women's advocates and others concerned about domestic violence have created and funded over 2000 non profit agencies across the country that help victims. For more than 20 years these agencies have specialized in offering a full spectrum of services to what has been considered the traditional victims of domestic violence, women and children. Yet society has changed a great deal since we first became aware of the violence that goes on behind close doors. Men are now stay at home dads, some do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, change diapers, give the kids their baths and food shop...all the things that were unheard for men to do back in the 1950's and 60's when we first started recognizing the social problem of domestic violence. Women have changed quite a bit also. Many work outside the home, some hold high powered jobs and others run cement mixers. Women are also doing things that were unheard of in the 50's & 60's. They also get violent with their spouses/boyfriends and children. Our current system that offers supportive services to victims of intimate partner violence, everything from obtaining a court order to keep victims safe to clothing and transitional housing, for the most part, still runs under the antiquated notion that 95 - 98% of domestic abuse victims are women abused by men. This means that services for men abused by women or other men in same sex relationships are nearly non existent in these federally funded shelter programs. If you believe that federal and state funded domestic violence victims shelter programs should be mandated to support any victim and give them same opportunities and services regardless of their gender, age, able-ism, ethnicity, religious beliefs or race etc. please sign our petition.


  1. Finally, and this is a start to the Great travesty of the s1st century. The demise of the American Family! Stand up and get involved with everything from telling a neighbor to writing the local paper. Yank a Man's collar and tell him to write, talk or somehow get him to talk and tell his story. You will be shocked how many are out there. The walking wounded of our society are all around.

  2. I stumbled upon this site while doing reaserch for my criminal justice class and would like to say, It's about damn time. First off, I have been trying, for 13 years, to stuff a sock into the mouths of women who scoff at the idea of men being the victims of domestic assault. I know for a fact that they can, have, are and will be victimized and I have no doubt that that many of those who have or are suffering will never report the offense to authorities, either out of shame or the lack of available resources. My uncle was the victim of ongoing domestic assault at the hands of wife which came to an end the day he brought her divorce papers. Unfortunately, he is not living out his life today, as he ought to have been. He is, very regretfully, at rest, after his wife murdered him, the very evening he told her the marriage was over. I have never forgiven her for taking the life of my uncle however being able to see the things that she did to him enabled me to become more aware of a very REAL epidemic. Not only should there be more facilities readily available to men for legal,emotional and moral support, there should be more emphasis placed on public awareness. In as much as there are "dead beat moms" who don't pay child support, there are women who are emotionally and physically victimizing the men in heir lives.
    I appreciate the attention to this matter and encourage more men and women to speak out in support.
    S. Rumler
    Military Spouse