Sunday, March 16, 2008

California Conference and Other Things

I understand that the conference in California mentioned in my last post was well received by the 250 (approx.) attendees and that there are plans in the works to have another conference next year. Great Job All! Conference dvd's will be available shortly according to their website: (scroll to the bottom). I am looking forward to getting a copy of the conference dvd. I was invited to speak at the conference and had every intention of doing so, however, life had other plans for me and my husband Tedd. About a week before the conference date Tedd went to the doctors because he was having a slight pain that would come and go in his chest. Although it wasn't a constant pain is was consistent in that it would come on a couple times a day for about 15 seconds and then be gone. The doctor looked at his EKG and didn't like what he saw so he sent him for more testing. After additional testing it was determined that he had five severely block arteries in his heart and the doctor concluded that he should have heart by pass surgery immediately. Tedd didn't accept this information well or right away, who would? He kept saying (out loud to me and to himself), "I am only 43 years old, I don't have high blood pressure, I just don't understand." Since his surgery we have found out that it is not at all uncommon these days for men and women in their forties to have this condition and that smoking is a major factor. The doctor scheduled Tedd's surgery for Monday and told us that he wanted Tedd to stay at the hospital until then. This was on Friday. So Tedd and I had all weekend to reflect and prepare. It was a pretty unnerving time waiting for surgery but I was just grateful that we didn't get on that plane because I doubt that he would have survived the flight knowing what we know now. To make a long story short Tedd's surgery went very well and after 11 days in the hospital he is now at home recuperating and we are taking a day at a time. Jan

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