Thursday, September 27, 2007

Women are doing virtually everything these days

Women are doing virtually everything these daysthat men are—–including physically assaultingtheir spouses or partners. Research in the area of intimate partner violence(IPV) has been going on for decades. A great deal ofthe research on IPV has been primarily focused onviolence against women by their male intimatepartners. For years the research has shown that themost prevalent and injurious type of domestic violenceis men’s violence against women. However, as we learnmore about domestic violence; it’s causes, it’svictims and it’s perpetrators, researchers and othersworking in the field of domestic violence arediscovering and acknowledging that both women and menin heterosexual and same-sex relationships can bevictims and perpetrators of this insidious problemthat plagues our society. A recent study focused on reciprocal and nonreciprocalIPV in heterosexual couples conducted by DanielWhitaker, Ph.D. and his colleagues at the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC) had somesurprising outcomes for the researchers. Find out more information at the DAHMW website. Simply click on Newsletters.

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